Losing My Mind Over The Acrylic Nails

I was super excited to get those cute Acrylic nails done because it was my first time, and girls are living in it nowadays, so babe wants to feel among too. You can get them long and pointy tips or rounded, you can do almost everything with acrylics as you can with your natural nail. Also, you can get them refill after seven days or more depending on how fast your natural nail grows, though us the Muslim girls can have it on only during our Monthly cycle.

However, that trend and stylish nails hurt like hell when hit by anything, like you have to take care of it like a baby. Which is a hell of a job? When I smash my nails with them on I cried seriously, I had to get them removed because the pain was unbearable.

But then beauty is a pain they say, so don’t worry you can get them but you should be extra careful with your fingers movement.

Lastly, I want to say a big thank you to the White Room Spa Dubai for my gorgeous nails and for pampering me (massage), moreover, I feel so angry that all the awesome pictures I snapped get formatted accidentally. Although I will soon visit their IBM Branch and snap 1000 of pics yes 10000’s. And just so you know their service is like no other. So if you are living in Dubai do check them out. And follow them on Instagram for pictures and more.