I have been dying to try out Ethiopian dishes because I’m a big fan of their Coffee but never got the chance to try out their real cuisine expect the ones I tried in the plane, which I totally don’t count it as a great meal. However, two days ago I visited Gursha for Iftar.

Gursha serves authentic traditional Ethiopian food and is the only standard Ethiopian restaurant in Dubai, located at Club Vista Mare, Palm Jumeirah. The restaurant has a great and chill atmosphere, with nice Ethiopian songs playing in the background.

So in Gursha customers are been suggested to eat with their hands instead of using a spoon, which is actually cool. As for the food, I tried their combination platters – Taste of Ethiopia, and to me, the Injera (thin bread) was a bit sour for my liking plus the curries lack salt. So I couldn’t eat much.

Moreover, I ordered for some dishes from their Iftar Menu (Lentil soup which was just okay; Samosa and Spring rolls were delicious; Rice & chicken, the chicken wasn’t well cooked so it was just okay as well).

Overall, their dessert was really good, and I’m glad I got to experience the dishes!!!