I still can’t believe I went to rope climbing, zip lining, and more. But oh yes, I did all that at the new hot spot Aventura Dubai! When I was a teenager I used to be a very adventurous girl like you would always find me in the forest; jumping from the tree tops or climbing mountains, but as I grew older I’m so scared to do anything extremely crazy like that.

However, when I heard about Aventura I decide to go and face my fears, and it was so much fun, there are over 80 challenges to take across 5 different levels of limits: Rangers, Explorador, Thriller, Aventura, Extreme.

So when I arrived at the park I got to clutch with carabiners and protection equipment’s, so that I will be totally safe. And there are staffs in all sectors, in case if anyone ever gets stuck or need help.

I started with the first level, where some of the staffs demonstrate to everyone present there how to use all the equipment’s and what to say at some points… After that, I went straight to Explorador: which is not too difficult but it was difficult to me yooo and I got tired and freaked out, so I stopped half way… Oh no, shame on me. Lol

I did the Thriller: lots and lots of fun because is all about Zip line thrills. Moreover, I did not get the chance to do the Aventura and Extreme levels because I went there around 3 pm and they close at 6 pm, hopefully, I will go back soon to finish the remaining levels.

For more information: Aventura Parks